I received my BA in Comparative Literature from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich with a minor in political science. Because I wanted to broaden my MA by adding cultural studies I continued with American Studies in Leipzig. I graduated in fall 2015.

Next to my academic research interests I have always been passionate about translation and contemporary literature.

Due to my internships in literary scouting in New York City, a literary agency in Copenhagen, and the translation grants program at Goethe Institute Munich, I circled for the longest time of my professional education around translation, rights and licenses. I started my career in this area with a traineeship at Foreign Rights and Licenses at Carl Hanser Verlag in Munich. And that just did it for me: In summer of 2017, I founded schøne agentur and will continue on my path.


For a complete résumé, please visit my linkedin profile here or send me an e-mail.



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