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schøne agentur is a newly-staged, one-woman show with one foot in the german and one foot in the scandinavian book markets. in summer 2017, schøne agentur started to represent major german publishing houses in scandinavia. in the long run, it is looking to establish itself as a reference point for german literature in the north.


the concept of schøne agentur and its homebase close to the vibe of the lively german literary scene enables a sales concept beyond mere sales figures: schøne agentur accompanies the newest german fiction and non-fiction for both, adults and children - from the first written page, to its publication and its translation into norwegian, swedish, finnish, icelandic and danish. books are not written for certain markets but for certain audiences - schøne agentur sits in the first row and will help you to make the perfect pick for your list.


schøne agentur is based in leipzig but regularly on the move in scandinavia. please do not hesitate to send me an

e-mail and let me present you with an individual selection of today's best german fiction and non-fiction.

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